The "home away from home" for your dogs!

All our guests staying at Bunny Lodge Animal Holiday Resort have individual accommodation exceeding the national standards. This accommodation includes a 1m x 750mm hammock-style bed for sleeping and resting on. Guests are more than welcome to bring along their favourite blankie if it makes their stay more enjoyable (but NO bean bags please as they clog our drains if they burst). We do have stacks and stacks of clean, soft and fluffy blankies available, which we spread out on each hammock.

Fresh water is available 24 hours per day.

For our larger guests, we have double units, which are mostly used for two or more dogs from the same family.  These units are extremely popular.​

All accommodation provides protection from the weather.

We have both heated indoor and covered outdoor units available, the latter of which takes advantage of the afternoon sun.

During the winter months (Easter to Labour weekends), all dogs sleep inside in the heated (up to 22ºC) indoor units overnight, then move to the covered units during the day. This enables us to scrub and dry everything thoroughly each and every day. 

We have music (classical to classic rock) playing to our guests during the day (sorry – no Sky TV). The tunes are turned off at night to ensure a peaceful night's sleep – very necessary to regain their energy after a huge day of activity.

boarding Pricing

For your Cat:

$14.00—Single Cat
$24.00—2 Cats Sharing

For your Dog:

$30.00—Small Dog 
$42.00—2 Small Dogs Sharing

$32.00—Medium to Large Dogs

$35.00—Extra Large Dog (Single Unit)
$43.00—Extra Large Dog (Double Unit)

$55.00—Double Dog Unit (2 Dogs)

Small Animals:

$16.00—Rabbits & Guinea Pigs


Isolation Fee—$30.00