Dining Experience

Of course, a 5-Star Pet Resort would have
a five-star menu!

 We encourage both new clients and old ones to visit Bunny Lodge and inspect the accommodation prior to booking confirmation. (See our contact page for viewing hours.) This gives you an opportunity to discuss any special requirements or needs. And of course, owners are encouraged to bring their pet's favourite pipe and slippers!

We think of Bunny Lodge as a 5-Star Pet Resort, providing more than a home away from home experience, to this end we provide a quality diet for the duration of your dog’s stay.

Fresh water is available 24hrs per day. 


We stock Royal Canin dry dog food for all our dogs.​

We have large and small breed, puppy and adult versions of Royal Canin available, and this is included in the price. We usually provide both breakfast and dinner, although we can feed a main meal in the afternoon only if you prefer. We are happy to create the routine that works best for your dog. If your dog is on a different or special diet, we can accommodate this too. Talk about sumptuous living!​