Dog Vaccinations

We Insist That All Our Guests Have Current Vaccination Certificates And That They Are Brought With Them On Every Stay


If current vaccination status cannot be demonstrated, we will be unable to have the pleasure of your pet at Bunny Lodge. We make no exceptions as this ensures our other guests are not put at risk. Administration of any and all medications is no problem at all, and is taken very seriously by us.

Before your dog is permitted into the resort we require demonstration that it is fully vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus AND Canine Cough. If you are in any doubt whether your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date, please see your vet. If vaccinations have lapsed we CANNOT board your dog until five days following vaccination. This ensures that the dog's immune system is up-to-speed.

Your vet will issue you with a vaccination card, recording what type of vaccination has been given and when a Booster is next due. Please note that while vaccines available are extremely effective in protecting pets, none provides a 100% guarantee in preventing disease. Usually the more recent the vaccination, the better the protection.

Please remember: NO VACCINATION = NO BOARDING. We have no exceptions to this rule. This helps protect your dog and other dogs from the risk of spreading or catching harmful diseases.

All dogs need a worm and flea treatment within three months before arrival. We recommend Frontline or Advantage flea treatments.