Bunny Lodge Pet Accommodation Rolleston

We take good care of your pet!

“i luv bunneh lodge, iz teh best. teh paddock iz mah favourite. so lotz da gud smells”

—Roy, Halswell

Accommodation at Bunny Lodge Animal Holiday Resort exceeds the minimum standards set by AgriQuality NZ and has been awarded the top rating of 5 Stars.

If you are thinking of heading off to the hills, the beach or further afield then don't forget about your pets. Whether you are going away for a day, a week or a month, we have packages to suit. The team at Bunny Lodge extend a warm welcome to all our guests coming to join us on holiday. And for those of you who aren't sure what you're doing for your holidays, come and see us. We'll give you a tour around the facility and answer all your questions.

Exercise and time outside is our house specialty

Based in the countryside

Three extra large paddocks for a decent ball chase

Ten secure grassed yards just like the backyard at home

The swimming pool paddock with its rockery, waterfall and variable-depth pool. 

Dogs exercise outdoors at least three times per day.

Where your pets have more fun on holiday than you do!​