Resort Facilities

Dog Exercise and Fun!

Regardless of how long our guests are staying with us, we always ensure they have all the love, fun and exercise they need to make their stay here an enjoyable one.

Our guests are exercised at least three times per day (weather permitting). 

Most guests are exercised together within groups of 4 or 5 dogs of similar size and temperament, because we believe the dogs have a more satisfying experience by mixing and playing with others.

Those guests who prefer their own company are entertained individually by us in our paddocks.​

Swimming pool

For the water babies amongst our guests we have a 15m x 10m pool for them to swim in. We are the only kennel facility in New Zealand with a swimming pool built exclusively for use by our canine guests.


The base is constructed of concrete for durability, a waterfall feature in the middle of the pond keeps the water oxygenated and a very fine gravel sump acts as a natural filter to ensure the water stays as fresh as the water in our well.